Fatbike jalgrattamatkad ning muud seiklusrikkad loodusmatkad

Fatbike or thick-wheeled bike is a mountain bike extension. Fatbike most distinctive feature is a large (more than 4 inches wide) tires. Fatbike can manage equally well on a terrain without roads, sand and pebble beach. Fatbike allows you to move even in the snow, so we ride all year round, at any time!

This time our tour takes us 60 km east from Tallinn and to be more precise we are going to Lahemaa National Park, Pärispea peninsula, which is the most northern mainland part of Estonia. This mysterious land was kept closed in The Soviet Union era and so this part of Estonia is especially well preserved. In the middle of forrest and nature this place can reveal itself from the side, that you did not expect from the place like that. In our journey we will try, how fatbikes work on sand, gravel, forrest trails and a bit even on asfalt.

These bikes have wider tires which helps us to discover places where one can´t go with regular MTB. It is possible to ride longer distance with less effort and see much more.

Our aim during this trip is to reach Türisalu cliff that is about 30 meters high limestone plateau, which offers a good view to the sea and to Vääna beach. Along the border of the sky and the sea it is pleasant to conquer the terrain with fatbikes

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