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Kayaking Hiiumaa

Join us for a trip to Hiiumaa - the greatest kayaking area in the Baltics!  


What’s so special?

b_300_190_16777215_00_images_360Kraadi-hiiumaa.JPGShallow, warm water surrounding closely clustered islands and islets, providing protection from high waves and strong winds. Added attraction:Estonia’s largest seal habitat.

Short island hops mean ample time for leisurely hikes through coastal meadows dotted with orchids, frequented by sea birds. Added attraction: An occasional white tail eagle. 

Present day semi-natural landscapes share space with ancient forests, 17th Century Swedish villages, Viking remains. Added attraction: Picturesque windmills, ghosts.

And with a professional 360 tour guide, you’ll relax at a private camping site on a private island with a panoramic view of the sea and seaside.

Added attraction: The special aura of Hiiumaa itself, enhanced by islanders who pride themselves on the unspoiled beauty of the landscape and their sense of humour!

Two day tour, with stops on 4 islands.

Our route: Heltermaa ferry landing (on Hiiumaa’s east coast) -  Kaevatsi - Hanikatsi islet – Kõrgelaid -  Saarnaki –  return to Sarve. (Cars can be left on the mainland parking area at Rohuküla.)

Day 1:

b_300_190_16777215_00_images_stories_sisujpg_hiiumaa_kajakimatk_Telksaun.jpgAfter a brief stop at Kaevatsi islet, we head for Hanikatsi. 

In the island’s north, we’ll step into a primeval „Rootsi” (Swedish) forest of tall oaks, flowering lime and aromatic juniper, connect to the Viking age (they left a fireplace behind for us to see), wander past a former fishing compound (complete with ghosts – who’s to argue?), pause at the gravesite of a Swedish king (he got left behind, too) and stop at a very old tavern (in ruins, alas). BUT, we’ll treat you to a traditional Estonian lunch, then do some more hiking around the island.

Next stop: Kõrgelaid, where we’ll camp overnight in tents on a private camping site (with a dry toilet). We’ll provide telescopes to take advantage the clear view of the islands’ major seal habitat. A campfire under the open sky will cap the day.

Kõrgelaid is where the Baltic version of „The Robinson’s” TV show was filmed.

Here on Kõrgelaid, sheep still graze and tend the landscape,islanders still tell humourous tales about a famous tavern of olden times, and visitors enjoy a panoramic „field, forest and ocean view” from the walking trail.

Day 2:

b_300_190_16777215_00_images_360kraadi-saarnaki.JPGWe’ll head back to mainland Hiiumaa, paddling among the seals (curious creatures, they’ve been known to follow our kayaks, especially after midsummer then head for a brief stop on Hanikatsi. 

Next, a lunch stop at on Saarnaki, which, many will tell you, is the most beautiful island of all. After a walk along the islet’s hiking trail, enjoying the landscape with a fishing farm and a restored windmill, you can decide for yourselves.

We (usually) return to the port of Heltermaa for the 18:30 (6.30pm) ferry to the mainland.


Two days, one overnight.
First day: 13.5 km of kayaking;  wallking distance: 5 km.
Total kayaking for trip: 30 km.

With bad weather, the route and length can be changed.


Easy walking.
Suitable for beginning kayakers. No previous experience necessary.
We’ll provide a full briefing before the trip.
And, if you have concerns, click here for some facts about kayaks.


Best sea kayaking in the Baltic States!
Great bird watching sites
Up-close seal and wildlife watching
Wild sheep
Private camping site on a private island
Outstanding kayaking route
The „Hiiumaa aura”

What’s included:

Two days of sea kayaking
A double kayak and all equipment: PFD (personal flotation device), spray jacket,  paddle jacket, waterproof bags for personal items

Meals: 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, 2 lunches + utensils
Professional English-speaking guide
Tents and light mattresses by request
Camping fee


Kayaking and island tours:  120 EUR + VAT per participants. 
Return ferry ticket:  ca. 6 EUR.

Group booking:

Groups (of at least 12 people) are welcome to book with Ivo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone +372 56 227 191



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People are saying...

The Hiiumaa trip was the highlight of my trip to Estonia!

Anna from London

Some of our friends where on the Hiiumaa tour a week or little more ago and they were totally happy about it, so now we also want to go :)

Dace from Riga